Transport & Logistics

If you’re in the business of moving freight or passengers across Australia and New Zealand, the ability to meet deadlines and deliver on expectations is dependent on the efficiency and reach of your communications.

The Orion Network’s digital two-way radio platform supports you in accelerating productivity, profitability and operations.

Powered by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus digital technology our transport and logistics solutions integrate portable and mobile radios, repeaters, data applications, accessories and services to enable you to:

  • Streamline load planning, routing and scheduling to eliminate costly loading errors
  • Accurately monitor driver and vehicle performance to optimise fleet utilisation
  • Cut out costly paper-based processes through automated freight tracking data capture technologies
  • Locate the nearest driver and track delivery status with 24/7 access to web based maps
  • Centrally dispatch orders and requests for support

Learn more about MOTOTRBO™ solutions for fleet management.