Equipping security personnel with the right communication technology is critical to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your mobile teams.

As Australia’s most reliable digital two-way radio network, Orion supports response team safety and efficiency, enabling seamless communication at the times that matter. Utilising Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus digital voice and data technology, such as duress capability, GPS locator services and central dispatch enable access to fast, instant and reliable communications.

Whether you are providing private security for a football game, private complex or dispatching vehicle patrols, you can be assured that Orion’s scalable communication platform enhances communications security, interoperability and functionality by:

  • Enabling field officers to access mission critical data
  • Supporting central dispatch of response teams
  • Quickly locating vehicles and employees via GPS location services
  • Enabling field workers to call for help by simply pressing an emergency button on handsets
  • Ensuring sensitive communications are not overheard by outsiders