Local Government

Government agencies require a fast, secure and interoperable communication network in order to successfully deliver a diverse range of social services and infrastructure.

As provider of choice to the public service, The Orion Network supports a broad portfolio of state, local and federal agencies including: The City of Perth, Newcastle City Council, Maitland City Council and Penrith City Council.

Powered by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus digital technology our Government solutions integrate digital voice and data communications to enable you to:

  • Experience fixed cost group communications
  • Log and record radio traffic across voice, GPS and data mediums
  • Connect teams across a local town or regional area
  • Optimise fleet utilisation
  • Pre-set customised duress and emergency monitoring features
  • Respond faster to emergencies via central dispatch for Municipal Emergency Control Centres
  • Locate council vehicle, speed and status via web based maps
  • Establish pre-defined voice and text messages between individuals and control centres
  • Experience digital voice clarity and optimal street level network coverage across challenging CBD environments
  • Assign multiple talk paths and talk groups for flexible, rapid, wide area communication

Learn how we are partnering with Local Councils to enable greater visibility, control and decision making through digital two way radio communications.