Digital communications help meet rising customer demands.

Transdev is a leading public transport company which includes buses, ferries, heavy rail, light rail and industrial services.  With sizeable operations in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand, Transdev provides jobs to more than 5,700 transport professionals and conveys more than 145 million customers every year.

The Challenge

Customer demands of public transport are escalating as much as any industry.  Not only have expectations risen regarding on-time performance, frequency, reliability and convenience, but now commuters also expect a great customer experience and a proactive attitude by providers toward their customers.  

Teaming up with the Orion Network, Transdev have embarked on a technology transformation, led by CIO Simon Pearce.  The project focuses on driving efficiencies in IT, introducing new operational practices, overcoming technology obsolescence and streamlining disparate systems.

The Orion Network Solution

Joining the Orion Network has provided Transdev with a new communications infrastructure which delivers clear and reliable communications between Transdev’s Operations Control Centre (OCC) and its operational fleet.  The OCC was the first of its kind to utilise a multi-state distributed OCC model, allowing the business to manage its national bus fleets from any location.  The solution incorporates TRBOnet command and control software, which includes a number of applications and features.

The Orion Network solution includes:

  • Multi-site digital trunking technology with automatic site roaming makes it easy for drivers to focus on driving while maintaining the critical link between the driver and the OCC.
  • A custom duress function accessible to drivers, this flags an emergency or incident with the relevant emergency response group and the OCC.
  • All voice and data transactions are recorded, which is essential for post-event analysis, as well as demonstrating compliance with occupational health and safety and regulatory requirements.
  • The OCC is equipped with the latest TRBOnet command and control software solution to allow duress calls, private calls, group calls and messaging – all at the same time.
  • Predefined voice and text messages between drivers and the OCC enable voice announcement messages to drivers, particularly beneficial for after-hours operational reminders and updates.
  • Motorola Solutions’ WAVE Work Group Communications is a communications interoperability and broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution.  WAVE is fully integrated with the network, allowing Transdev to bring in supervisors on broadband devices that can connect to the network and allow quick and easy communication between two way radio and smartphone.

Download the Transdev Case Study to learn more about the Orion Network.