Digital radio provides a competitive edge in rapid response.

BNP Securities Pty Ltd has been providing security services since 1983 and offers a range of mobile and static services to protect the assets and valuables of a significant client base.

With a large fleet of mobile patrol guards and disparate centres of operation, BNP needed to find a communications system that would give them a competitive edge and ensure a heightened duty of care to employees.

The Orion Network combined integrated voice and data communications with a web-based console solution to monitor the location and well being of static guards and patrol vehicles. Enhanced safety through visual and audio cues supporting appropriate allocation of response teams when an alarm call is dispatched from the control room.

Given the evolving nature of the security industry we are committed to working with BNP Securities to continue to automate existing processes and ensure their response personnel are equipped with the right communication technologies to get the job done.

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