Tipro Modular Dispatch Terminal

This sleek modular dispatch terminal is extremely versatile, combining voice and data communication modules, information processing units and interactive devices including visual display, touch screen and keyboard.

A unique benefit is its ability to link IP systems and radio networks to support operations where both mobile and radio technologies are in use.

Users can arrange the modules in an order of their choice to suit their specific application and can add new modules to support future business needs. Key features of the terminal include:

  • All in one design – space saving
  • Modular architecture
  • Multi vendor operating system – Windows, Android, Linux
  • Touch computer
  • Integrated audio options
  • Extensive connectivity – dual LAN teaming, USB, RS232, external display, digital inputs
  • Stereo loudspeakers with volume control

The Orion Network is proud to be Tipro's Technology Partner in Australia and is currently trialling this product in a number of safety critical and demanding environments.

To learn more about how the Tipro modular dispatch system can support your command and control centre operations, please contact your local Orion representative to arrange a free technology demonstration.


Brochure-Cover.jpgTIPRO Modular Dispatch Terminal

Date: 19/08/2104
Author: Tipro
Description: Modular Dispatch Brochure