So you've chosen a MOTOTRBO™ device that suits your operating environment and end user requirements, now it's time to think about how to extend your communications beyond voice, with integrated data apps that improve business processes.

Our digital network allows you to bolt on data applications including GPS and bluetooth services, text messaging, dispatch console options, or customised bespoke applications.

As a customer of The Orion Network, you gain direct access to Motorola's MOTOTRBO Application Developer Program, which boasts over 400 developers globally. We can also provide an IP interface allowing both voice and data to be controlled and managed directly over your IP backbone.

We are constantly expanding our application offering - stay tuned for new additions. Contact your local Orion Network specialist to find out how integrated voice and data applications for radio can create new efficiencies in your business.


From two way radios to smartphones, laptops, landlines and tablets, use the device you already own and the networks you already subscribe to, to communicate with other team members.

TRBOnet - Fleet Management

Proactively manage your fleet and support dispatch centre operations with direct visibility over vehicle locations, speed and status.